Printing Technology

Mr. A.A. Ravetkar
Academic Coordinator(Printing Dept.)

Printing technology has definite scope in today’s media-driven world. Print media is one of the strongest and powerful mass communication media.
It is a large scale industrial process, and is an essential part of publishing and transaction printing. Printing is a process of manufacturing multiple
Copies of graphic images. All shapes and sizes of metals, wood, plastic and paper are common receivers of printed messages.

There are various methods to reproduce graphic images like Letterpress, Offset Lithography, Gravure, Flexography, Screen Printing and Digital Printing.

Here we are presenting some of Labs available for practical.

  • Offset Lab : Graphica 771 Single Colour offset machine & a Swift table top offset machine 1ST & 2ND Year students understand entire functionality of offset printing process.
  • Gravure Lab : In our Gravure lab we have a Anjana two colour Gravure Machine. Final Year students are familiarised with this process.
  • Binding Lab : This lab has a Cutting, Knurling, Stitching Machine, & a Hot Foil stamping Machine.
  • Computer Lab : Printing students also learn printing designing softwares in this lab like Adobe PageMaker 7.0, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator etc.
  • Plate Making Lab : Printing down frame, whaler practical related with offset plate making.
  • Camera Lab : We have Vertical Camera, which was used for colour separation. Nowadays colour separation is done with the help of computer.
  • Paper & Ink Testing Lab : Various equipments like Cobb tester, Quadrant Scale, Proofing kit etc are used for Paper & Ink Testing.
  • Screen Printing Lab :  Screen Printing uses a fine mesh stencil wrapped tightly over a frame. A simple stencil can be made by applying a non-permeable material to the areas which are not to be printed. Most industrial stencils are made by coating the stencil with a photo-sensitiveemulsion.