Printing Technology


To be centre of excellence in the field of Printing Technology by providing value based quality technical education.


  1. To offer best quality printing technical education to students.
  2. To foster relationship between the industry, institute and alumina in order to contribute on industrial training, industry based project and consultancy activity.
  3. Enable the student to excel in their academic pursuits, making them sensitive to the needs of progressive Printing industry.
  4. To develop the faculty and resources of printing technology so as to support the students and society.
  5. To impart ethical values and leadership qualities in students this would transform them into superior human beings.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
PEO 1:   Provide Socially responsible, in environment friendly solutions to printing technology related broad base problems adapting professional ethics
PEO 2:   Adapt the state of the art printing engineering broad based technologies to work in multidisciplinary work environments.
PEO 3:   Solve broad based problems individually and as a team member communicating effectively in the world of work 

Program Specify Outcomes (PSOs)
PSO1:   Modern software usage: Use latest digital imaging software related to simple designing, imaging methods, imaging processing work flow used in media and publication sector
PSO2:  Equipment and Instruments: Execute quality inspections desired in printing and applied sectors using inspection tools .
PSO3:   Economical aspects of processes: Manage print and processing operations with required conditions as per contract or tenders with having sustainable costing solutions.

Printing technology has definite scope in today’s media-driven world. Print media is one of the strongest and powerful mass communication media.
It is a large scale industrial process, and is an essential part of publishing and transaction printing. Printing is a process of manufacturing multiple
Copies of graphic images. All shapes and sizes of metals, wood, plastic and paper are common receivers of printed messages.

There are various methods to reproduce graphic images like Letterpress, Offset Lithography, Gravure, Flexography, Screen Printing and Digital Printing.

  • List of Laboratories-
    Sr. No Name of The Laboratory
      1 Paper and Ink lab
      2 Reproduction Photography & Electronic color separation Lab
      3 Surface Preparation Lab
      4 Offset Printing Lab
      5 Flexography   & Gravure Printing Lab
      6 Screen Printing Lab
      7 Print finishing Lab
      8 Computer Lab
      9 Language Lab

    List of Machines & Equipments-

      Sr. No. Name of the Machine & Equipment
    Paper & Ink Lab
      1 Cobb tester
      2 Paper Thickness gauge
      3 Paper GSM Tester
      4 Draw down Kit
      5 Ink Viscosity cup
    Reproduction Photography & Electronic color separation Lab
      1 Vertical dark room Process camera
      2 Densitometer
      3 Spectrodensitometer
      4 Diamond Enlarger
      5 Register Punch
    Surface Preparation Lab
      1 Printing down frame
      2 Pasting Table
      3 Flexographic Plate making Machine
    Offset Printing Lab
      1 Max Print-27 Offset Machine
      2 Praksh Offset Machine
      3 Graphica-771 Offset Machine
      4 Dampening roller washing machine
    Flexography & Gravure Printing Lab
      1 Marsons Flexograpgy Printing Machine
      2 Anjana Gravure Printing Machine
    Screen Printing Lab
      1 UV Exposing Machine
      2 Mercury Lamp Exposing Unit
      3 UV Curing Machine
    Print Finishing Lab
      1 Cutting Machine
      2 Perforation Machine
      3 Stitching Machine
      4 Creasing Machine
      5 Standing Press
      6 Nipping Press
      7 Hand Punching Machine
      8 Spiral Hand  Punching Machine
    Computer Lab
      1 Personal Computers
      2 Server
      3 Software
      4 Printer
      5 Scanner
      6 Speakers
    Language Lab
      1 Personal Computers
      2 Software
      3 Earphones
      4 Speakers


  • Guest Lectures
    Sr. No. Date Topic Faculty / Expert
    1 15.01.2020 Carrier In Printing  Ink Industry Mr. Aashish Yadav
    2 05.02.2020 Graphics Design Prof. Tanaji V. Bhondare
    3 14.02.2020 Flexo-graphy Printing Process Mr. Naveen Serrao
    4 13.01.2020 Time & Memory Management Prof. Nitin Kale
    5 22.01.2020 Positive Attitude Prof. Manoj Jograna
    6. 11.02.2020 Stress Management Mrs. Asavari Agnihotri

    Industrial Visits

    Sr. No Date Place to Visit
    1 26.08.2019 Unique Offset. Sadashiv Peth, Pune.
    2 17.09.2019 K. Joshi & Company,Pune.
    3 28.09.2019 Mudrika Labels, Pvt. Ltd. Vasai.
    4 28.09.2019 Print House India Pvt. Ltd. Navi Mumbai.
    5 05.10.2019 Parksons Graphics, Mumbai.
    6 05.10.2019 Zenith Tins Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai.
    7 05.10.2019 Parksons Packaging Pvt. Ltg, Chakan, Pune.
    8 15.02.2020 Vikram Printers, Pune.
    9 07.10.2020 Khadilkar Process Studio, Pune.
    10 06.02.2020 Indian Metrological Department, Pune.
    11 17.02.2020 N.R. Enterprises, Pune.
    12 19.02.2020 Avery Dennision, Lonikand, Pune.
  • MOU Information
    Sr. No. Name of Industry Nature of Activities
    1 Shrikrishna Arts.
    500/1 Shop No.3, Joshi Sankul,
    Shaniwar Peth, Pune- 411030.
    Students Industrial Training, Industrial Visits.
    2 K. Joshi & Company
    1745/2, Sadashiv Peth, Near Bhikardas Maruti Temple, Pune-411030.
    Academic Project, Industrial visits, Industrial Training.
    3 Unique Offset.
    1523, Anandshilp, Sadashiv Peth,
    Near Tilak Smarak Mandir, Pune-411030.
    Academic Project, Industrial visits, Industrial Training.
    4 Unique Labels Pvt. Ltd.
    2016, Navi Peth, Ketki Sadan Society, Opp Lokmanya Nagar post office, Pune-411030.
    Academic Project, Industrial visits, Industrial Training
    5 Eugen Printing & Packaging Pvt. Ltd.
    Gate No. 87, Jyotiba nagar, Talawade,Pune- 411062.
    Academic Project, Industrial visits, Industrial Training
    6 Impression Graphics,
    Hasbnis Bakhal, Oppo Vinayak Jewellers,
    Shaniwar Peth, Pune-411030.
    Academic Project, Industrial visits, Industrial Training
    7 Parag Packagings,
    SY No. 36, Hissa no. 2/1, Behind Futech
    Furniture, Pisoli, Pune- 411048.
    Academic Project, Industrial visits, Industrial Training