We have well experienced administrative staff.All the functioning & reporting to various bodies are controlled from here.

The establishment section does the working related with the staff. It keeps the record of their appointments, leaves, salary, increments, Promotions and post-retirement benefits.

Mr. Anil B. Mahadik – Full Time Diploma
Mr. Prashant Kharavalikar – E & TC and Part time Diploma.

Student Section

It keeps the information about students there admission process, verification of documents, Bus/Railway concisions, Examination forms, Distribution of results, follow up MSBTE for students quarries regarding result and giving Bonafied and Leaving Certificates to the students as per their demand. Following staff members.

Mr. Ashok Sabale – Full Time Printing Technology
Mrs. Anuja Nilurkar – E & TC and Part time Diploma.

Fee Concession and Scholarship Section

There are various types of fee concessions and Scholarship to the students like social welfare, Tribal Scholarship, Minority Cum Mins schlorship, E.B.C. etc. Various government departments are involved. It helps our students to get maximum befit. This section also helps for Cast Validity. Mr. Ashish Gajbhiye is looking for all branches.

Accounts Section

Along with routine accounting, Budget, Fee collection and Salary record preparation are the important aspects of this section.

Smt. Sujata P. Ingawale – Full Time Diploma
Mr. Prashant Kharavalikar – E & TC and Part time Diploma.